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A+ for the Bees


An Animal that “Sees” with Its Ears!

The Animal that wasn’t Supposed to Exist!

Ants: God’s Amazing Creatures


Are You an Animal?

Be Like the One, not the Nine

Be Prepared!

A Beetle with a Bomb in Its Belly  

The Beewolf—A Skillful Hunter

A Bird with a Thermometer?

The Bloodthirsty Vampire Bat

The Blue-Footed Booby

A Bony Problem

Boys, Bears, and Baldness

The Brave Parents of Moses

Bravo for the Brain

Build Upon the Rock

Burning Outside the Walls

Camels—“Ships of the Desert”

Cave Creatures

Cave Men?

Caves—A World Down Under

Charles Darwin and God

The Christian Home

City Walls, City Gates, and a Really Strong Man!

Contest on Mount Carmel  

Dark, Damp, Dreamy Caves

Darwin’s Finches

Darwin, God, and Annie

The Day the Sun Stood Still

The Dead Sea Scrolls  

The Dead Will Rise!

The Deep Places

The Design of Deadly Dragons

A Different Body

Did Jesus Just Faint?

Dinosaurs in the Bible?

Does God Break His Own Laws?

Don't "Cell" Yourself Short

The Dragonfly

Dreaded, Deadly Diseases  

The Eagle—God's King of the Skies

The Earth—Our “Just Right” Planet

The Earth’s Magnet  

Egyptian Medical Superstition and Bible Accuracy

Everybody Needs Rules!

Evolution Is Against the Law!

Eyes Help Us See God

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