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The Dinosuar Delima

Hey Kids! Check out our new and exciting Web game. There are twelve pairs of Digger Doug actions. Click on a image of Digger Doug to see what he will do. Then find him doing that action somewhere else on the screen to make a pair. You must click them back-to-back to make a match. If you get a highscore, you can add your name to the high scorer's board. Take it from us; it's a lot of fun!

The Dinosuar Delima

Billy thinks that dinosuars became extinct millions of years before humans existed. Can you help Digger Doug find the evidence that proves the scientists wrong? Click on the picture above to help navigate the Time Tunneler.

Door to the 'Missing Link Mystery'

Professor Whitecoat is about to ask Doug to assist him in finding a "missing link" between other animals and humans. Can you help? Click on the door to the left to solve the mystery.

Maginfing glassIf you see a magnifying glass like the one to the right, click on it for more clues.

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