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Are you affiliated with Discover Magazine?
No, and we in no manner endorse the views of the publishers on the origin of the Universe or the origin of man. But if you are looking for their Web site, you will find it here: discovermagazine.com.back to index
What is Discovery?
Discovery is a colorful monthly magazine on Scripture and science for kids. Our aim is to show children that Christians have good reasons for believing what they do. Discovery encourages kids to develop a faith that is motivated by a genuine love for God and which is, at the same time, supported by evidences for that faith. Each eight-page issue includes articles, pictures, puzzles, and activities. Digger Doug is a regular and popular feature. This loveable sleuth answers questions from kids, and showcases their artwork.back to index
At what age group is Discovery aimed?
We aim Discovery at the 2nd- to 6th-grade level (ages 8-12, approximately). Kids of this age should be able to understand the articles without much help. However, we have parents who share Discovery with their toddlers, and many adults have admitted to enjoying the magazine as well!back to index
How much does it cost?
The latest prices are available on our subscriptions page.back to index
What sort of subjects do you cover?
Science is our main focus, but we run the gamut from archaeology to ethics to miracles. The point of each issue is to build and reinforce Christian faith.back to index
Why would a Christian publication concentrate so much on science and nature?
Kids are fascinated by the world around them, but they’re inundated by evolutionary dogma. It turns up all over the place, from kindergarten science classes to kid-oriented nature shows on TV. As you might expect, the messages are short on evidence and long on speculation. Critical thinking is not encouraged, and kids are left with the distinct impression that evolution has displaced divine creation as the best explanation of our ultimate origins. What they get from school or the mainstream media begins to overwhelm what they hear at home or in Bible class.

Christian parents want an alternative, and our goal is to provide information that, at the very least, is free of evolutionary assumptions. We know that kids will enjoy the curious creatures and the interesting facts and figures, and they won’t miss the “just-so” stories that permeate popular evolutionary accounts. And still, at every opportunity, we convey a straightforward understanding of the Genesis creation while challenging evolutionary claims head on. Finally, the wonders of nature can provide a springboard to timeless biblical lessons. All of this makes Discovery a unique resource.back to index
Are you associated with either the Discover magazine or the Discovery cable channel?
No, these are principal outlets of what might be described as “pop evolution” (see previous question), but we do take the Discover Card!back to index
Who is using your magazine?
Bible teachers use Discovery as an adjunct to their lessons on creation and Christian evidences. Home school parents use Discovery in science and Bible topics. Countless parents and grandparents see Discovery as a way of getting their kids interested in God and His Word.back to index
Why do you provide a discount to home schoolers?
We appreciate all our subscribers equally. However, we have experienced tremendous growth in the home school market, mainly through word-of-mouth recommendations. The discount is, at least in part, a reward for that level of interest and commitment. We recognize, also, that home school families are responsible for buying 100% of their curriculum materials, and this is our way of encouraging them to use Discovery.back to index
Speaking of money, can I get a refund if I don't like what I see?
Sure. Even if you take 11 issues and cancel, we’ll give you a full refund. Just call our offices (see the final question on this page), and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.back to index
Who publishes Discovery?
Apologetics Press, Inc.back to index
What is Apologetics Press?
Apologetics Press is a non-profit, tax-exempt work dedicated to the defense of New Testament Christianity. You can read more about us on our main Web site at www.ApologeticsPress.org.back to index
What Bible translation do you use?
We have standardized on the New King James Version.back to index
What else do you have for kids of this age?
Please see our catalog at the main Apologetics Press web site.back to index
Do you publish a journal for adults?
Apologetics Press produces Reason & Revelation — a monthly journal of Christian evidences.back to index
I found a factual error in Discovery. How can I trust Discovery not to mislead my kids/grandkids?
We do our very best to get all our facts straight, eliminate typographical errors and, most importantly, teach the truth about God’s Word (2 Timothy 2:15). We have tremendous resources at our disposal, and a highly qualified editorial staff. However, we are humans with human imperfections, and we make mistakes on occasion. Depending on the nature of the error, and how long ago it happened, we will publish a correction in an upcoming issue of Discovery.back to index
Are you associated with any particular religious group?
Apologetics Press is a work supported by members of the churches of Christ. Please read “What We Believe” at our main Web site. [Note: We are not affiliated in any way with the International Churches of Christ/Boston Movement, or the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints/Mormon Church.]back to index
Who writes Discovery?
Principal authors are Kyle Butt, Eric Lyons, Dave Miller, and Caleb Colley.back to index
Can I submit articles and artwork to Discovery?
If you are a faithful member of the church of Christ, and fit the requirements of Discovery writers as outlined in this FAQ, then by all means, send us samples of your written work. If we like what we see, we’ll contact you. Sorry, we do not pay freelance fees.

If you’re an artist, and are prepared to do work-made-for-hire, then we would be happy to view your portfolio.back to index
I still have questions. How can I contact Discovery?
Call: 334-272-8558, or 800-234-8558
Fax: 334-270-2002, or 800-234-2882
E-mail: mail@apologeticspress.org
Write: Apologetics Press, Discovery, 230 Landmark Drive, Montgomery, AL 36117.back to index

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